Today I decided that I would do something new, and that new thing would be writing book reviews and blogging about my current reads. 

Why did I come to this decision you may ask? 

Well the answer is simple: I am a currently an unemployed Graduate Student stumbling through life, and more specifically finals week. Yes, you heard that right! I am starting a blog in an attempt to avoid working on my three final projects that are due in exactly one week. 

Now what can you expect in this humble little blog of mine? 

That has another simple answer as well: I will discuss YA and children’s books that I have read in the recent past. I will also update on my current reads. I am a big fan of both award winners and Indie books that many people may have never heard of, so you will never really know what to expect. I will include annotations, reviews, recommendations, and just random thoughts that pop into my mind as I stumble through my day.

What qualifies me to write about these books, and why should my opinions matter to you?

You are so lucky because here is yet another simple answer: I am currently in Graduate School getting my Masters Degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS). I am focusing on Children’s and Teen services which means I have taken a lot of classes that have taught me how to look at children’s and teen literature and read them critically. Basically I can annotate and critique a book like nobodies business, and I can offer you a somewhat educated opinion of the books that I read. Real talk I’m just a book lover wanting to connect with other bookish people. Nothing more, nothing less.

Honestly I have never attempted to write a blog before so this is going to be a bumpy ride, and will more than likely get pretty messy and maybe even a little sticky at times. But I can promise you that if you hang in there with me we might just have a little bit of fun with this. Heck you might even end up laughing once or twice. 

Buckle up, the ride starts now.


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